I bet on Zero Waste. And you?

In today's world, when the planet needs our support, I liked working with leftovers even more. And it's literally on the leftovers because they are often fragments of knitted fabrics up to several centimeters long.

In addition to being good for the environment, this kind of creativity also brings many more benefits. For example, he arranges space for the imagination to create incredibly effective and unique works, sometimes in single quantities. In turn, thanks to this, you can buy unique products, give someone you love - including yourself - a unique gift and at the same time support our planet.

Thank you at this point for choosing Bohemian Soul tracksuit sets for yourself. It is thanks to you and your choices that the remains of materials do not end up in the trash, but zero waste items are made of them, so they are also your share.

So I invite you to the studio for these spontaneous projects in single pieces, from cotton scraps, which becomes the basis for such pearls.

I am hugging.