Above all:

Did you know that this wasn't in the plan at all? I hadn't even considered doing that. It's all you. Only you; Your imagination, creativity, courage to create, the desire to stand out in the crowd - not only with the best quality clothes, but also with its unique cut - yours. One that will make you feel the truest consistency with what you put on. So that you can proudly tell yourself and your friends:

Sounds nice? Yeep.

Since interest in the implementation of your ideas is growing, which makes me very happy, I want you to have the fullest possible picture of everything that is possible and important in this process.

How to make a concept from your imagination become your favorite piece of clothing? I carry out in a standard time and at a standard price all the modifications you dream of in terms of colors, decorations and styles that I have in my studio (which are available in the online store).

For example:
You like the cut of the X set, but you prefer the color of the Y set. Do we modify? Sure!

And maybe so:
You like set A, but you would like to sew in the decoration - all or part of it from set B. We can do it too.

Another example situation:
The cut of the K set is to your taste. But you prefer the color from set G. And the tape that decorates the back / sleeves (etc.) you like the most from set D. No problem.

I also carry out for you more complex metamorphoses as part of the confection that I create. Here, if I order additional / other colors of fabrics and / or decorations for this purpose, the delivery time is extended by the supply of the above-mentioned, and the price is set individually based on additional materials and costs.

Examples of such modifications:
You like the cut of the X set, but you don't see your favorite color in the studio. Can we order it especially for you? Of course yes.

You would like set A, in the color from set B. However, set B has no decorations, and the colors of decorations from set A will not match. Can we order decorations especially for such a change? Yes we can.

Or maybe this way:
Set K has your cut. You want to change to the color from the G set. And the decoration you dream about is from the online store. Can I order a specific one? And can we put it all together? With pleasure.

At the same time, the above examples are just examples. Modifications can apply not only to the sets, but to the sweatshirts themselves, e.g. I'm open - you have an idea - tell me, ask. let's talk. It can be a fascinating experience. For you and for me.

Sometimes, with major redesigns, I don't immediately know if I will be able to obtain a specific color of the fabric and/or decorations. Then I will inform you when I will have the opportunity to inform you whether the implementation will be possible. Because I focus on quality, which will ultimately serve you, I also reserve the right to refuse to use the proposed materials if they are of poor quality.

I am often impressed by your ideas. Not all such projects have been immortalized in photos / videos. From now on I will definitely do it and you will be able to see them on FB and IG. Let the world see how imagination beautifully tells us unconventional solutions.

We are unique, different, one of a kind. Let's get dressed in it.

I hug You and invite you to create some things together.