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I feel Your #bohemiansoul, Baby 

Hello. I'm glad you're here. Bohemian Soul - atelier by M. was created with love for the boho style and comfortable cuts, a design and tailor studio with an online store. This is a studio where straight from the heart's need, premium quality cotton clothing is created with the greatest care, which will comfortably wrap the body of your free, colorful Soul.

Drops are available in limited quantities, in a small part immediately. After the premiere, available to order while knitwear stocks last.

I bet on Zero Waste - come here for unique, interesting projects in single pieces, from leftovers of knitted fabrics, which often arrange space for the imagination to create incredibly effective and unique One Shots.

Bohemian Soul - atelier by M. is also an Art zone, mainly hand-painted with passion. Canvases dressed in colors of various moods and vibrations. Other handmade DIY works also available seasonally.

Please make yourself comfortable and feel at ease.