Fringes, lace and trainers.

Boho dresses, boho weddings, boho interiors. Boho everywhere. Too much boho? Certainly for some it is and for others it is not. The fact, however, is the ubiquitous boho. Will there still be room for Bohemian Soul under these circumstances? I believe so. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. And with reference to the above, I would like to tell you in a few sentences why it is worth staying at Bohemian Soul for longer, and thus I would like to invite you to share this space with me ☺

Boho - an abbreviation derived from the word bohema, defining the artistic environment, is associated with beautiful, timeless values, such as the right to freedom, peaceful disposition, diversity and acceptance of it. Nowadays, for me, these are especially important role models

Boho transferred to the fashion plane is lightness, naturalness, freedom. These are airy decorations and delicate accessories. Most often in dresses, shirts, ramones, skirts. It's fringe and lace. Usually in the female edition.

What if our Souls are boho; colorful, free, maybe even a little crazy? If we perfectly feel this climate and at the same time like to wear a tracksuit? The last two questions are also a super quick story about me, for example. And the answer to another question: Why do I believe that there is still a place for my Bohemian Soul creations in this world? I believe, because so far the fashion world has not offered us tracksuits in which you can express your colorful, unique personality. That is why here I invite you for freedom and freedom in a comfortable cut for women and men, for naturalness and lightness in a cotton version, for high quality workmanship, as well as for clothing with fringes and lace created with passion, which will definitely match your comfortable sneakers.

Then feel free & make Yourself at home .Peace & Love ☺