7 facts about cotton. Almost just cool ☺

Below are a few issues in relation to which 100% cotton reigns in the Bohemian Soul studio in the entire spring/summer collection. Enjoy.

1. It's very nice to the touch - the tracksuit, although the one from Bohemian Soul stands out in the crowd with its elegance and is bold in decorations, does not stand out from your favorite, cotton clothes that pleasantly wrap the body. The tracksuit should be comfortable and soft. And the Bohemian Soul tracksuit definitely is.

2. Breathable - of course it is. Cotton allows the body to breathe. In spring and summer, this property provides sooooooo pleasant sensations ... Summer wind in your hair and summer wind in tracksuits. I can feel it!

3. Cools or warms - staying on the topic of breathing. Cotton has different properties depending on the thickness of the fibres. It is worth using this parameter depending on the season. To create a garment perfect for spring walks and cooler summer evenings, I chose a delicate weave.

4. And also hygroscopicity - under this difficult word, there is simply a high water absorption capacity. This means that cotton clothing absorbs, for example, sweat without the effect of wet clothes. Cool, yeah?

5. Allergy-friendly cotton - that's a fact. Therefore, the Bohemian Soul tracksuit sewn from 100% cotton can also be used by a person prone to allergies without fear.

And now that it's not so colorful

6. Cotton is prone to creasing - if such a tracksuit is rolled up into a ball and thrown into the wardrobe, it may turn out that it will need to be ironed before putting it on. So what turns out? And the fact that cotton can teach us discipline in keeping the wardrobe in order.

7. Cotton takes a long time to dry. In relation to polyester clothes, for example. so what? So it's better to wait than to wear plastic. True?

To sum up: cotton clothing is very friendly to us. Both at the level of sensations, comfort and properties. I treat two "flaws" with a pinch of salt. They become irrelevant to its virtues. In fact, I'm ready to admit that I wrote about them to spice up the title of the post a bit

And why do you like cotton? .Peace & Love ☺